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Dead Sea Spa Elixir Facial Serum For Younger Looking Skin – Life Essence Fortify Facial Serum

In an effort to review the markets most hot skin care products I came up with a Facial Serum Named Dead Sea Spa Elixir which claims to provide you with a youthful look.  Here on this website I will explain each and every ingredient and the pros and cons of this facial serum so that you can be aware if this is a scam or a real product.

dead sea spa elixir

What are Dead Sea Minerals And How do They Work?

Since Dead Sea Spa Elixir Contains Dead Sea Minerals let us have a look that what these mineral are and what they can contribute to our skin.

The healing properties of the Dead Sea, with its high salt content and its abundance of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and bromine, have been known for thousands of years. Located in the Great Syrian-African Rift Valley, the Dead Sea has always been a source of ingredients for skin care products with the ability to soothe inflamed skin.

The first chemical analysis of the Dead Sea was made in 1772 and revealed its high content of magnesium and calcium. While the Dead Sea mineral rich mud is often found in skin care products and cosmetics, people seeking relief from their inflammatory skin conditions.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

The effectiveness of Dead Sea minerals has been shown to treat inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis, which also causes pruritus. Those who were treated showed an improvement in symptoms by simply bathing in the Dead Sea water. Magnesium, a mineral found in the Dead Sea, has been shown to bind to water as well as inhibit certain body cells that contribute to allergic reactions, which may explain the anti-inflammatory and soothing effects of the skin on the Dead Sea.

Benefits of softness of the skin

Dead Sea minerals, especially magnesium, can increase moisture levels and soften dry skin, as explained by the International Journal of Dermatology. Some dry skin volunteers experienced softer, more moisturized, less inflamed skin on their forearms after immersing them in a 5 percent solution of Dead Sea water. The forearms of other volunteers were submerged in tap water. A 1 percent mineral solution of the Dead Sea applied twice a day for four weeks reduced rough skin by 41 percent in volunteers, while a mineral-free liquid gel reduced rough skin by about 28 percent, explains the study.

Antibacterial Properties

The mineral-rich black mud taken from the shores of the Dead Sea and used in masks and spas treatments proved to have antimicrobial properties, with only a few amounts of bacteria found. The antibacterial properties of Dead Sea mud may be due in part to its high salt and sulfur content, which could explain the anti-acne effect of facial masks made from Dead Sea mud.


While bathing in the Dead Sea has proven to be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of psoriasis, in cases of atopic dermatitis, such baths or the use of undiluted Dead Sea water can burn the skin due to high concentrations of salt. For this reason, dilutions of this water are used.

What Benefits you Get From Dead Sea Spa Elixir

Following are the benefits of Dead Sea Spa Elixir as claimed by its official website:

1-  It has got a Unique formula from Dead Sea Minerals and other herbs

2-  Vanishes the Lines and Wrinkles about 65%

3-  You do not need to spend money on expensive surgeries

4-  You can avoid Painful Injections for looking younger

5-  No need to go through the side effects of laser treatment

6-  It Works to Remove the Dark Circles and Aging signs

7-  Dead Sea Spa Elixir helps increasing skin Hydration

8-  Keeps you younger than your age.

dead sea spa elixir facial serum

The Ingredients of  Dead Sea Spa Elixir

Following ingredients are found from the official website of Dead Sea Spa Elixir and I have added the value these ingredients can contribute to skin:


Its action is vital in the maintenance and repair of body cells.

It improves the elasticity and hydration of the skin.


It contributes to the growth of new cells, regulates the body’s hydric balance.

Potassium has an important impact on skin rejuvenation, hydration and luminosity.


It is the most abundant mineral in human body. On the skin its action is of help in cell renewal, anti-aging, better resistance against wrinkles and against cellular damage of free radicals.

It has an important action in the production of Catalase, the enzyme that acts as an antioxidant to prevent DNA damage, very important on the collagen and elastin of the skin.


It improves the skin metabolism, stimulates the defense against free radicals, reducing the speed of skin aging.


It detoxifies, relaxes, softens the skin, acts as a defense against allergic symptoms.

Other Ingredients:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Ocimum Basilicum Leaf Extract

Sage Extract

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Anthemis Nobilis

Cucumber  extract

Flower Water

Rosmarinus Officinalis leaf extract

Vitis Vinifera seed oil

How to Apply Dead Sea Spa Elixir

As guided by the official Website Of Dead Sea Spa Elixir it should be applied once daily you can do it in the morning or in the evening depending on your convenience.   Before applying clean your skin with a cleanser, apply the serum to your face in a small amount gently.

Is Dead Sea Spa Elixir Safe to use for the Skin

Dead Sea Spa Elixir contains herbal ingredients and Mineral from the Dead Sea only.  It does not contain any type of chemical as claimed by the official website so according to this claim it is completely safe to use.

How Long does it take for Best Results

Using Dead Sea Spa Elixir for 2-3 months will provide you with best results.

dead sea facial serum


At the moment Dead Sea Spa Elixir is offered on a trial basis so you only need to pay for the shipping which is a nominal amount below dollar Five.

Author Bio: This article is published by Mark Hussy who is working as health physician for a multinational company. He loves to write about health and fitness related topics. He is also author at Wasli Home and wrote few blog posts related to health on this site

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