Green Tea and Caffeine

Feeling the Caffeine in Your Green Tea

While some wince away at the idea that green tea promotes insomnia simply because of the caffeine content in it, others, especially those working on night shifts welcome the prospect without hesitation.

Indeed, green tea contains caffeine, but only at a lesser level as compared to your favorite coffee drink. And it has lots of antioxidants to compensate for it instead. And that’s good news.

green tea and caffeine

Defining Caffeine

It’s like a drug that stimulates your heart and central nervous system. The effect may be an increased blood pressure, but it’s important to note that there are no negative long-term effects that impact blood pressure.

Unless decaffeinated, the caffeine stays in your green tea. Studies point out that caffeine in green tea may be higher compared to coffee, but with enough preparation, anyone can readily reduce the caffeine getting into his body. To achieve this is easy; increase the hot water content in your tea. The number of times that the leaves are used also impacts how much caffeine is introduced into your body.

Surprisingly, the caffeine in your green tea is known to be more beneficial than from your coffee simply because it has a different effect. Add to that other key components (vitamins, oils, tannin) that react positively with caffeine from green tea.

Caffeine Impact

Caffeine in green tea does not trigger an increase of the blood pressure and heart rate, unlike the regular caffeine in other drinks, making it ideal for caffeine-sensitive folks working on their weight loss.

This is where things become interesting, as green tea is now linked to weight loss. Studies confirmed that its caffeine content has the ability to enhance your metabolism. This is vital in burning off those excess calories and turning all those unwanted fats settling down in your body into fuel that your body desperately needs for your day-to-day activities.

And contrary to what others know, oxidation does not really stimulate the caffeine once inside your body. In fact, the same studies have discovered that the longer the oxidation lingers inside your body, the lower the caffeine will linger within as well.

Green Tea without the Caffeine

Some green tea products are caffeine-free for medicinal purposes. Decaffeinated green tea is a better antioxidant, and is more pleasant in taste. It also works well in cancer prevention and treatment, and is very effective in decreasing collagen formation, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is also an important component in preventing arteriosclerosis.

Caffeine Content in Green Tea – The Real Score

As opposed to the caffeine in black tea, green tea only has half of it, and just a quarter when compared to the caffeine in coffee. This makes green tea the better beverage for your meals, though you have to note some precautions as well. One would be to consume green tea moderately. Less than 4 cups in a day should do. If you want to consume more, you would risk some negative reactions inside your body. Overall, the introduction of decaffeinated green tea in supplementary concepts brings about further benefits while ruling out a good portion of the unwanted effects at the same time.

Green Tea and Cancer Prevention 

Those who love green tea always tell their friends how they are less susceptible to cancer because of it. And they are right. Some clinical studies are now starting to back such claims.

Throughout man’s history, green tea has become a favorite indulgence; the Chinese drink it because of its great health benefits. The popularity of the idea has continued to this day as well, with statistics showing how cancer cases have decreased in a way on most green tea-loving communities around the world.

Polyphenol in green tea is an important element that helps keep cancer cells at bay. Green tea itself (and specifically its antioxidant properties) is credited in keeping certain tumors in the skin, esophagus, bladder, pancreas, prostate and ovary from forming up.

Cancer cell growth within the esophagus area is typical; drinking green tea is beneficial since it has the ability to suppress such growth. The same can be said with the bladder, another vital human organ. To date, researchers are still busy determining the impact of green tea consumption to bladder cancer. Studies conducted in women point out how bladder cancer was prevented due to drinking green tea. The same studies were conducted in men as well; survival chances are enhanced whenever green tea becomes part of the diet.

The pancreas is another beneficiary of green tea’s anti-cancer properties. Those who are into green tea are safely distanced from pancreatic cancer, though it is strongly advised that further studies should be made to look deeper into the connection.

One certain issue that weighs heavily upon us these days is the ever-increasing cases of ovarian cancer. Studies on ovarian cancer patients conducted in China have shown the whole world a lot of promise. Daily consumption of green tea apparently helped their patients live much longer.

Elsewhere, test tube laboratory studies are also making great breakthroughs regarding green tea effects on men suffering from prostate cancer. Not surprisingly, they found out how increasing the consumption and frequency of green tea can stop cancer development in large part.

Cancer has always been the bane of folks in various age groups. It has been a long time that medical experts have been battling cancer on even ground, and they were finally rewarded with an effective and cheap remedy, and that is the natural green tea. It would be wise to make it a part of your daily life, whether you are on a weight loss mode or not. There are lots of benefits to be had with drinking tea, and there could be more that we still have yet to define. A healthy lifestyle would be much easier to manage with the introduction of green tea.

Commercialized green tea products are widely available in the market these days. You can also go for supplement forms if you wish, though it would be best to consult your doctor first before commencing. This may mean added expenses on your part, but the money you’d be investing on it now would be much less than when you would consider cancer treatments because things already got out of hand. Fight cancer! Drink green tea everyday!

Author Bio: This article is published by Mark Hussy who is working as health physician for a multinational company. He loves to write about health and fitness related topics. He is also author at Wasli Home and wrote few blog posts related to health on this site

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