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The Shadowhawk x800 Tactical Flashlight gives a 500 lumen output with controls in the front, is focusable with a slide mechanism, will give a wide flood and the focus down to a spot beam, you can also unscrew the aspheric lens off and have a flood beam, so not only is this tactical flashlight a great hunting tool but also very good for the workshop, around the campsite or just doing those jobs that you need both hands but also light.

The Shadowhawk x800 Tactical Flashlight comes in 2 versions, the Dingo Rechargeable version comes with battery and 240V charger, but you can also just buy the Dingo on it’s own for anyone who already has a Shadowhawk x800 Tactical Flashlight as it utilises the same recharging system.

The other Shadowhawk x800 Tactical Flashlight is the Lunar, which comes with rechargeable battery and 240V charger. This tactical flashlight has an output of 366 lumen out the front. It is a lighter tactical flashlight so would is very useful for the active person who enjoys the great outdoors, this tactical flashlight is also focus able with a rotation twist from flood to a spot. A great tactical flashlight for women to use with the lighter weight.

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