Yeastrol Candida Cleanse – The Safest Candida Removal Supplement

Candida infection is the result of an excess of Candida bacteria in the body. Candida normally exists in the human body in small quantities, but due to internal imbalances it can grow excessively affecting other areas of the body.  Yeastrol  Candida Cleanse supplement is very effective in cleaning your body from any such infections.

What is Yeastrol?

Yeastrol Candida Cleanse is a natural supplement made with pure natural ingredients to remove candida virus from your body.  It comes in capsule form.  Each bottle of Yeastrol Candida Cleanse contain 60 capsules.


What is Vaginal Candida

Vaginal candida is vaginal infection caused by a mycosis called candida albicans. Most women have suffered at least once in their life of this infection that irritates the vagina. In some cases, this infection can be transmitted through sexual contact and partner, but it is not a sexually transmitted disease. Candida albicans is a mycoses present in the vagina, mouth, skin, and intestinal flora.

Only in case of imbalances that occur in the body this mycoses can become infectious causing Candida. Some of the conditions that lead to the appearance of Candida are the use of antibiotics to treat other problems, pregnancy, obesity or diabetes. If you suffer from multiple candida infections, it is an alarm signal about other health problems that the person might suffer. An infection that does not seem to disappear with any treatment can be a sign of HIV.

Vaginal Candida has symptoms such as pruritus, irritation, vaginal burns, or inflammation of the vulva. It may also be the cause of some women and urticaria in urination or sexual intercourse.

The white-yellow secretion, with a thicker, branched consistency, is specific to vaginal Candida. Not all women suffer from these symptoms at the same time. Men do not experience severe symptoms of this infection, but in some cases severe penile irritation may occur along with a burning sensation.

The minor symptoms of vaginal Candida can be treated quite easily at home. Yeastrol is the most appropriate home treatment. This is a very effective supplement that should be taken according to the instruction given on the bottle. There are other medicines available to treat Candida such as: clotrimazole, miconazole, etc. but Yeastrol has zero side effects.

There is also another bacterium called trichomoniasis that has symptoms similar to candida infection. Because of this, it is not easy to make a difference between the two. In this case, you should call a doctor who will determine the appropriate treatment for the infection.

To avoid this infection, it is advisable not to use scented sprays, creams or lotions in the vaginal area. It is advisable to wear only cotton linen because the silk or satin does not let the air circulate. Do not wear tight trousers because they can cause irritation to intimate areas. Do not wear the bathing suit without washing it. If you suffer from diabetes, it is advisable to check your glucose level.

Why Should I Use Yeastrol?

When you want to use natural treatment to treat candida infection, we recommend Yeastrol.  Yeastrol is very effective against candida infection, which is why many people want a lot of information about our product. If you happen to be one of these people reading the information below you will get all the necessary knowledge about this product.

Yeastrol treats all types of candida infection

Yeastrol is the best homeopathic product against candida infection. The product works even against the most severe forms of Candida infection and can be used by both women and men. Even if you have a vaginal infection, skin rash or other candida infection, our product can safely get rid of problems.

Yeastrol and diet against candida infection

Different people are affected by Candida infection due to different reasons. Some people may develop candida due to stress, excessive steroid use or antibiotic treatment.

Because of this, it is very important to keep candida infection under control and have a proper diet that will help you relieve the symptoms of this infection. Here’s how to introduce a diet to treat and control Candida infection:

Natural Treatment of Candida Along With Yeastrol for Fastest Results


Serve a glass of water and lemon juice and a juice prepared in the house of 2 red or green apples.

After lunch

Prepare a drink of 3 teaspoons of apple vinegar in half a cup of plain water. Add some lemon juice and sprinkle a pinch of ginger powder.

The lunch

Prepare a fresh salad with olive oil, millet, pea soup, fish, turkey or organic chicken. Do not use mushrooms or croutons in salad.

Anytime of the day

You can eat salad of celery, almonds, etc. For sauce you can use salsa or a pre-humus sauce.


A bowl of vegetable soup, a small bowl of millet, cornflakes or steamed vegetables with a little butter. Do not eat peanuts. Chicken or vegetables can be eaten without reservation.

Before bedtime

Drink boiled water or water with lemon juice.

People who are affected by Candida infection can follow the diet above to get the most effective results.

Try to avoid the following products:

Corn grains

Dressing salad


Processed sugar



Cakes and cookies


Hazelnuts or pistachios

Soft drinks

Fruit juices and dried fruits

The bread

Dry meat or barbecue

The beer




This is a diet to prevent candida infection. Now you know what foods to include in your daily diet to avoid worsening the symptoms of Candida. Keep in mind that proper nutrition plays a major role in keeping candida infection under control.

Do not make confusion considering the food diet against candida infection a cure for her healing. The nutrition followed during treatment only reduces the increased number of candida bacteria in your body. Candida occurs especially in some humid areas of the human body, such as: the digestive tract, the oral cavity, the vaginal canal and the urinary tract. Through a healthy diet and homeopathic remedies such as Yeastrol you will be able to cure and keep the number of Candida bacteria within normal limits for the human body.

Yeastrol and treatment of candida infection in children

Candida infection is a problem that can affect all people including children. However, you should not worry because you can treat this infection by following the tips below.

It is recommended to watch your child’s diet. Candida loves sugar and that’s why it’s good if you avoid eating a lot of sweet foods so you do not get the effects of candida. Yogurt can treat this infection, so why should you try to put yogurt in your baby’s diet. But avoid yogurt with fruit or sweeten. If the child is over 12 years old then he can use Yeastrol to treat Candida. Yeastrol is made up of natural ingredients without side effects.

Apply the tips above and you can help your baby get rid of candida infection.

Yeastrol heals and candida infection in men

Men can also suffer from this infection. They may have various forms of candida infection including oral infection, skin eruptions, etc. The most common form of candida developed by men is the one appearing on the penis. But this does not mean that men can not develop other forms of this infection, such as skin, oral, etc. Yeastrol works for all types of infection and is the best solution to this problem. The ingredients of this product have been carefully chosen, so Yeastrol is the perfect solution for fighting all candida infections.

Yeastrol also treats the symptoms associated with candida infection

And in men, candida infection is accompanied by many disturbing symptoms. While some of these symptoms are clear and straightforward, there are also symptoms that have no connection with this problem. Some of the most common symptoms are pain in urination, pruritus, inflammation, excessive salivation, mucous membrane rupture, etc. Red eyes, abdominal pain, chills, fever, nausea, etc. there are some indirect symptoms that some men may face. Yeastrol heals your symptoms while healing the infection.

Yeastrol treats permanent candida infection

A quite important issue in most treatments against this infection is that treatment is temporary, leading to recurrence of infection after stopping treatment. Even if it takes a little longer to complete healing. Yeastrol guarantees long-term healing.

Candida during pregnancy and Yeastrol

Most pregnant women experience candida infection during pregnancy. Below we will present the relationship between candida infection and pregnancy.

Normally, the vagina has an acidic environment, but during the pregnancy the environment may become alkaline. The change may be the result of multiple hormonal changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman. Because of the alkaline environment of the vagina, Candida bacteria can develop beyond normal limits.

Fighting candida during pregnancy can be quite difficult. During this time, due to the side effects that may occur and which can be serious for you and for the child, you can not use any medicine. Because of this, it is advisable to use only natural products to watch the candida during pregnancy.

Apple vinegar is one of the most effective remedies against candida. All you have to do is add 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar to the water in the tub when bathing. Repeating this every day for a week will get you out of the candida.

Try to remove from your daily diet pizza, pasta and fast food. These foods have a high carbohydrate content that is converted to sugar at the time of digestion. It is also advisable to avoid all foods with a high sugar content as they can aggravate Candida infection.

Try to include more yogurt in your daily diet. It does wonders in treating candida infection. Try to consume yoghurt only with natural ferments without fruit or artificial dyes because they contain sugar and can cause the infection to get worse.

You can use homeopathic products such as Yeastrol, as the ingredients in Yeastrol are 100% natural without side effects. This solution for treating Candida infection can be used by both women and men. But for pregnant or lactating women it is advised to consult a doctor before using this medicine against candida.

Solving the discomfort caused by candida during pregnancy can be quite difficult, but it is not impossible. Take note of the above tips and you will have a problem-ridden task.

Yeastrol – Homeopathic Ingredients

All ingredients in Yeastrol were chosen by homeopathic experts. Homeopathic science (over 200 years old) is based on the fact that certain natural substances can stimulate the body’s self-healing system by allowing the body to heal itself. Homeopathy is a unique system in medicine because ingredients are used at a certain level that can not be toxic to the body and can not have side effects or negative effects.

Yeastrol is 100% natural, safe and does not interact with other medicines. Each ingredient has been used to ease discomfort and treat multiple symptoms associated with candida infection. The method of sublingual administration is one preferred among homeopathic medicines.

Other reasons you should use Yeastrol

It is a safe product for the elderly and for the high-risk patients;

Not tested on animals;

100% natural – without additives or dyes

Does not interact with other drugs;

Safety in use with other prescription drugs, medical supplements, etc.

Active Homeopathic Ingredients used in product preparation

Baptist Tincture 3X (Wild Indigo) A burning sensation when urinating; relieves bowel bloating and distension, as well as dry throat, headaches, pains and inflammations in the body – especially in the neck and back at the bottom; removes the sensation of bruising.

Candida parapsilosis 12X It is a remedy for fungal infections and the symptoms of Candida; treat vaginal and vulvar itching and excess vaginal discharge.

Candida Albicans 12X A remedy for fungal infections caused by Candida Albicans; relieves vaginal discomfort, itching and excess leakage of women.

Creosotum 30C Used for prostate irritation in men and amenorrhea in women; treat epigastric pain; soothes hot urine; relieve the symptoms of itching and burning in the ears, eyes and soles of the feet.

Borax 30C Helps to problems with diarrhea, gas and ulceration of mucosal surfaces. For women: it relieves the strong pains that occur during menstruation; treat vaginal bleeding leaks. For men: it relieves itching, pain in the anus and rectum, contractions.

Mercurius sulphuratus ruber 30C (Cinnibar) Enhances the sensations of warmth, redness and swelling of the face, especially around the eyes; Helps cure ulcerations in the neck or mouth; soothes violent itching, especially at the wrists. For women – eliminates whitish bleeds and vaginal pressure sensations – it also relieves anxiety. For men – it relieves inflammation of the penis and itching of the gland, especially when there are juicy secretions.

Mercurius Cyanatis 30C Used for the treatment of diphtheria and chronic inflammation of the throat; treats white-gray ulcerations on your tongue and cheeks on the inside; improves the sensations of severe physical weakness.

Echinacea Augustifolia 3X (Purple Coneflower) Used in homeopathy to treat various types of fever, including typhoid fever and dysentery. Indicated in persistent infections; relieves problems of whitening the surface of the tongue and accumulation of mucus in the throat; frequent urination with burning sensation; help remove abdominal pain and gas; low energy sensation.

Nitric acid acid 30C Enhances skin pruritus; Helps cure ulcers and cracks of mucous membranes from the mouth; also help painful urine emissions and difficult / irregular discharges; short breaths and heart palpitations, treat hoarseness and coughing; soothes nervous excitability, night sweats and insomnia.

Sulphuricum acidum 30C For women: treats vaginal leakage, sweating and tremor throughout the body. For men: it relieves the itching of the penis gland.

Thuja occidentalis 30C (Arbor Vit) – Tuia, the tree of life. It ensures the sensations of anus burn, swollen hemorrhoids and itching of the urethra; also the cough caused by neck throats or treats persistent cough with mucus. For men: it relieves the itching of the genitals. For women: burns and pains soothe the irritations that occur in the vagina.

Pyrogenium 200C Restores intestinal flora and assists digestion; treat infections that cause symptoms of fever and other septic symptoms; also relieves mancarimille and eczema.

Inactive Ingredients

Alcohol 20% and Purified Water. If you are allergic to alcohol, you should not use Wartrol to relieve the symptoms of genital warts or other homeopathic products. If you do not get the taste, dilute it in a glass of water and leave it for hours before you drink it. Alcohol will evaporate, resulting in a mild, tasteless drink that you will drink quickly and easily.

Being a homeopathic product, no side effects have been reported.

Yeastrol Candida Cleanse Contain Zero side effects

Using Yeastrol does not cause side effects such as dizziness, nausea or diarrhea. Our medicine is very safe, with no side effects. Therefore, the product may also be administered to children older than 12 years and to the elderly.

Without precautions and contraindications

Yeastrol has no contraindications. The way of use is very simple. You only need to apply sublingual two puffs three times a day. Yeastrol can be ordered very easily online from the comfort of your home.

Yeastrol is the best homeopathic product against candida infection. The product works even against the most severe forms of Candida infection and can be used by both men and women. Even if you have a vaginal infection, skin rash or other candida infection, The product can safely get rid of problems. Yeastrol Candida Cleanse offer: candida treatment, pruritus treatment, Candida treatment, itch elimination candidosis, candida treatment with Yeastrol.


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